Laboratory Testing Supplies & Disposables 

VTM kits, UTM kits, Swab test kits, Ethanol, Sterile Pipette Filter Tips....

Supply Chain Logistics

Warehouses, Pick-Pack, 3PLs, Import, Export, Courier services......

Laboratory Aggregator 

Partner with Local Reference Laboratories get results faster.....

Healthcare Consulting Services

Phusion-GPO Consulting Services 

Group Purchasing GPO

Partner with other labs and pharmacies and buy in bulk with group buying power.

Software Integration LIMS

Custom built middleware software APIs get connected to EMR or EHR providers.

At home Covid-19 testing

FDA approved Home Saliva Collection kits designed for quick and easy at home 


Blood Draw Tubes

Sterile 1ml, 3ml, 5ml, 10ml

Rapid Antigen OTC

AccessBio Rapid Antigen

Vaccine Site Supplies

Syringes, Biohazrd Disposal 


Supply Chain 

Logistics and 3PL services

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Preferred Provider

Preferred Provider
Preferred Provider 

Preferred Provider

Preferred Provider

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